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Cellular Technologies: GSM GPRS, GSM / EDGE, CDMA.


Wavecom Q24 Plus Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Voice/Data Module Wavecom Q2687 Quad-Band GSM / EDGE Voice/Data ARM9 Module
GSM GPRS Modem                                 MTCAB-G-F4
GSM / GPRS class 10
GSM 900/1800 , 850/1900 MHz
OEM 802.11b/g Compact Flash Card w/ (2) external diversty antenna connectors (Broadcom chipset)

Modules / Modems / Routers / M2M Data


The popularity of cellular technologies reaches far beyond the use of voice calls using DATA used in both consumer and industrial products. DATA used in both consumer and industrial products. SMS text messaging, remote meter-reading and wireless enabled vending machines are but a few applications commonly referred to as the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) sector. Hence, if your application requires anywhere/anytime/connectivity, we encourage you to explore our cellular products and data service offerings.

GSM GPRS Cellular Module
GSM GPRS Cellular Modem
Cellular Router
End-User Products
These modules are best suited for devices which require on-board integration, smaller footprint, lower BOM costs and/or higher production volumes.
Provide a plug and play approach. The RF and regulatory certifications have been completed so all that is left for the developer is device control programming.
Offers advanced control and networking features often found in enterprise solutions: built-in firewall, VPN, browser based control, complimentary wireless solutions, etc.
Consists of USB dongles and Data Cards for plug-and-play functionality to devices such as laptops and desktops. It's also ideal for devices running popular O/S such as Microsoft Windows or Linux.



M2M remote monitoring      We provide web-based monitoring platform that can be applied to many markets and applications. It provides robust communication for any any machine, equipment or device and can be tailored quickly .


M2M Service                     Web-based remote monitoring system comprising hardware, software and services to remotely monitor any equipment.

  • Products


          GSM Alarm System  
          GSM MMS Alarm System
          GSM Control Alarm System
          GSM Telemetry Uni
          GSM GPS Car Alarm System
GSM Power Transmission Alarm System
GSM Car Alarm System
GSM GPRS Modules
GSM GPRS Terminals
  • Solutions

An M2M monitoring solution gives greater visibility of remote assets enabling cost reduction with operational efficiency and improved revenues through service.


  • Accessories
          Remote Controls
          Emergency Buttons
          Door Sensors
          PIR Motion Sensors
          Glass Breakage Sensors
          Vibration Sensors
          Smoke Sensors
Gas Leak Sensors
 Water Leak Sensors
 Temperature Sensors
 Wireless Signal Repeater
 Photoelectric Beams
 Water Oil Overflow Sensor