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The gsm modem is a self-contained E-GSM/GSM-GPRS 900/1800 dual-band modem and is GPRS class 10 capable. It is based on a WAVECOM, SIEMENS SIM300 module. (Also,we can supply the CDMA 1X Modem.) modem with global or regional approvals.

Gsm Gprs modem transmissions

Short Messages (Point to point and Cell Broadcast),
Voice calls

Gsm Gprs modem interfaces:

LED function indicating the operating status,
External antenna (via SMA connector),
RS232 Serial (via 9-pin SUB HD connector),
Power supply (via 2.5mm DC power jack),
SIM card holder.

Features gsm gprs modem:

2 Watts E-GSM 900 radio section.
1 Watt GSM1800 radio section.
Echo Cancellation + noise reduction.
Full GSM or GSM / GPRS software stack.
Hardware GPRS class 10 capable.
Complete shielding.
A DC Power supply.
A RS232 serial link.
A 1.8V / 3.3V SIM interface.

The gsm modem has three external connections:

Antenna connector: SMA connector for RF connection to the antenna.

D-Sub high density 9-pin connector: for RS232 serial link connection.

Power supply connector: 2.5mm power jack for DC Power Supply.

We also supplies list of GSM and GPRS wireless modems:

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Cinterio MC35iT Terminal »
Cinterio TC65T Quad-Band Terminal »
Cinterio TC35iT Terminal »
Duxbury 120M USB EDGE Modem »
Duxbury 120S GSM GPRS FAX Modem »
Duxbury 180M USB EDGE Modem »
Duxbury 180S EGSM DATA VOICE FAX Modem »
Elpro GSM GPRS modem E605-M1 »
Elpro GSM GPRS modem E605-M1 »
Enfora Spider SA »
Falcom Samba Dual Band GSM/GPRS Modem »
Falcom Samba 3G UMTS/HSDPA Quad Band Modem »
Falcom Samba 55/56 - Tri Band GSM/GPRS Modem »
Falcom Samba 75 - Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Modem »
Falcom Tango Dual Band GSM/GPRS Modem »
Falcom Twist GSM/GPRS Modem »
iTegno 3800 GPRS Modem »
iTegno 3832 GPRS Modem »
iTegno 3845 GPRS Modem »
iTegno 3932 GPRS Modem »
iTegno 3945 GPRS Modem »
Multi-Tech MultiModem GPRS Wireless Modem »
Multi-Tech MultiModem GPRS Wireless Modem »
Moxa OnCell G2100 GSM/GPRS Modem »
Multi-Tech MMCModem GPRS »
NexWireless TMF622 USB Modem »
Siemens ES75 EDGE GSM Modem »
Novatel Expedite E725 PCI Express Mini Card »
Novatel Expedite E760 PCI Express Mini Card »
Novatel Expedite EU850D PCI Express Mini Card »
Novatel Expedite EU870D PCI Express Mini Card »
Novatel Merlin CC760 ComboCard Modem »
Novatel Merlin X720 3G ExpressCard »
Novatel Merlin X950D ExpressCard »
Novatel Merlin XU870 3G ExpressCard »
Novatel Merlin XV620 3G ExpressCard »
Novatel Ovation MC727 USB Modem »
Novatel Ovation MC930D Compact HSPA USB Modem »
Novatel Ovation MC935D Compact HSPA USB Modem »
Novatel Ovation MC950D HSDPA HSUPA UMTS USB Modem »
Novatel Ovation MC990D Compact HSPA USB Modem »
Option GTM380 Express MiniCard »
Option GlobeTrotter Express 441 »
Option GlobeTrotter Express 442 »
Option GlobeTrotter Express HSUPA »
Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSUPA »
Option GTM382 MiniCard module »
Option GTM501 wireless module »
Option iCON 031 USB Device »
Option iCON 210 USB Modem »
Option iCON 225 HSDPA USB modem »
Option iCON 315 USB modem »
Option iCON 322 USB Device »
Option iCON 401 USB Device »
Option iCON 431 USB Device »
Option iCON 451 USB Device »
Option iCON 452 USB Device »
Option iCON 505 USB Device »
Option Gobi 1000 »
Option Gobi 2000 »
Rutronik GS64 Terminal »
Rutronik GT64 Terminal »
Rutronik GT863-PY Terminal »
Rutronik GT864 Terminal »
Rutronik UT864 UMTS Terminal »
Siemens M20 Terminal »
Siemens MTC45MC and MTC45TC Terminal »
Siemens TC35 Terminal »
Siemens TC65 GSM Modem »
Teltonika Handheld GPS GSM Tracker GH1201 »
Teltonika Handheld GPS GSM Tracker GH1202 »
Telit GT863-PY terminal »
Telit GT864-QUAD-PY terminal »
Teltonika ModemUSB G10 »
Teltonika ModemCOM G10 »
Teltonika ModemPCI G10 »
WaveCom Fastrack GO »
WaveCom Fastrack M1306B GSM Modem »
WaveCom Fastrack Supreme »
WaveCom Fastrack Xtend »
WaveCom Integra M2106B GSM Modem »
WaveCom Integra M2106+ »
WaveCom m-track 25 »


M2M remote monitoring      We provide web-based monitoring platform that can be applied to many markets and applications. It provides robust communication for any any machine, equipment or device and can be tailored quickly .


M2M Service                     Web-based remote monitoring system comprising hardware, software and services to remotely monitor any equipment.

  • Accessories


          Remote Controls
          Emergency Buttons
          Door Sensors
          PIR Motion Sensors
          Glass Breakage Sensors
          Vibration Sensors
          Smoke Sensors
Gas Leak Sensors
 Water Leak Sensors
 Temperature Sensors
 Wireless Signal Repeater
 Photoelectric Beams
 Water Oil Overflow Sensor
  • Solutions

An M2M monitoring solution gives greater visibility of remote assets enabling cost reduction with operational efficiency and improved revenues through service.